I love Bill Hybels statement: “Vision is a picture of the future that produces passion!” The prophetic vision which God has given us has been stirring a passion in our hearts since 2009.

Here’s our vision statement at River Community Church

  • A river that flows

  • A church that grows

  • A world that knows

This sums up our vision and our hope as we look ahead!

Right from the start, the leadership team have been excited by a ‘kingdom vision’, a vision of the growth, transformation and healing that comes when God’s love and power begin to touch people’s lives.

Our vision is a picture of what a healthy church might look like. It is a picture of a growing church… a fruitful church!

So back in 2009, we developed our ‘founding vision’ statement:-

our vision is to nurture and grow a new church which is rooted, flourishing and fruitful and which has worship, community and mission in its very dna.

Like Paul, we believe that God is able to do much more than we can dare to ask or imagine. As we have prayed about this, we have been inspired by the vision in Ezekiel chapter 47.  In this prophetic vision, the River flows out from the place of worship (the temple) and out into the desert. We read that trees spring up on the banks of the River. These trees remind us of the vision we have of our church – rooted, flourishing and fruitful.

We believe that this is also vision of what God can do today – in Telford! The River speaks of the life and power of the Holy Spirit. So we have given our church the name River Community Church. It expresses our desire to be a church OF the River, a community BY the River, a people IN the River..

and that’s what we’re praying for!

If you want to read the transcript of the first talk Rev Steve Kelly  (vicar at that time) gave at River Community Church, follow this link.


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