By DNA we mean the essence, the essential ingredients, the building blocks from which everything else is formed. For us, we have sensed that the essential ingredients for church are as follows:-

delighting * in God

nurturing * community

acting * in love

When disciples of Jesus devote themselves to delighting in God, when they experience loving community, when their faith is expressed in generous loving actions we believe that is church. In short, the church is “a worshipping community in mission.” We are seeking to ensure that everything we do expresses these three essential ingredients.

In practice this gives us the following priorities for church life:

D:elighting in God WORSHIP and PRAYER


A:cting in Love – OUTREACH and EVANGELISM

Our founding vision was expressed as follows:-

to nurture and grow a new church which is rooted, flourishing and fruitful and which has worship, community and mission in its very dna.

From this we also developed our core values as follows:-

rooted * in God’s love * in our communities * in the message of Jesus * in Telford * in the scriptures *

flourishing * growing up * reaching out * deepening relationships * being transformed *

fruitful * proclaiming Jesus * touching lives * acting with love and kindness * taking risks * bringing in the kingdom *

As we have prayed, waited and listened, we have also had a clear sense that there is a bigger vision to work and pray towards. It is a vision of what God can do when we surrender our lives to his kingdom and to the power of the Holy Spirit. We have been inspired by the vision in Ezekiel chapter 47.  In this prophetic vision, the River flows out from the place of worship (the temple) and out into the desert. We read that trees spring up on the banks of the River. These trees remind us of the vision we have of our church – rooted, flourishing and fruitful.

We believe that this is also vision of what God can do today – in Telford! The River speaks of the life and power of the Holy Spirit. So we have given our church the name River Community Church. And our vision is as follows:-

  • A river that flows

  • A church that grows

  • A world that knows

You can read more at our Vision page.

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