Find us

We are community of people passionate about learning to be God’s people in Lawley.  We are therefore especially keen to meet people from Lawley and Lightmoor.  We believe in-

D: delighting in God

N: nurturing relationships inside and outside River

A: acting in love

We are unrestricted by rules or buildings, informal, relaxed, and open to all.

We will keep people in touch by:  the website, the Facebook page, or if you opt into the group and sign up to it, the comms list so we can text your phone with updates.

We will mostly meet in people’s homes to read, discuss, have fun, pray, maybe eat, and do life together, but sometimes we might make use of a bigger space to worship and celebrate together.

We aim to run events every now and then, to connect people, have fun together, and be a presence in our community.

We believe in actions as well as words so sometimes try to make a practical difference in our community.

We’d love to see you soon.

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