Sundays at River

What do we do?


In a typical month:

Making time to just be with God is important to us so we meet to worship and pray together.  Usually midweek, often a Wednesday night, come join us for a very informal time of worship, usually twice a month.

Men’s Breakfast meets once a month at 6am at McDonalds. Spend time together to reflect/discuss God, to connect with one another, pray and encourage one another.

Our young people meet at TYF once a fortnight on a Monday night- this is a group open to young people in year 7 up, from across the area. More details on the TYF page.

Sometimes we arrange opportunities to make a practical difference in the world around us.

We sometimes go together to Ignite: an event run at All Saints in Wellington, once a month on a Saturday night.  Why not join us and try it?

:> Periodically, we love to run the ALPHA COURSE at River Community Church, or with other local churches.  ALPHA is a ten week course exploring the Christian faith and the meaning of life. If you’re interested, check out our Alpha page. To listen to some stories of people who have been on ALPHA, follow this link.

:> Why not contact someone to meet up:

  • share joys and struggles in seeking to live as disciples
  • listen together to God through the scriptures
  • support one another to live out our faith, and ‘do life’ together
  • pray for each other in the power of the Holy Spirit
  • grow in our faith, share the word, and to grow more like Jesus
  • have lots of fun!

2 thoughts on “Sundays at River

    • Hello Val, we have a Carol Service tomorrow at 3.30pm at Lawley Primary School (22nd December) and you’d be very welcome 🙂
      Then we don’t have any formal services over Christmas/New Year, until we meet to catch up and have some food at 5pm, at the Grazing Cow, Sunday 5 January

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