Close to Lawley, Newdale and Overdale, on the western fringe of Telford, four new ‘neighbourhoods’ have been developed. Lawley Village, Lawley Bank, Newdale and Newdale Valley, with a new retail and commercial centre: Lawley Square has formed a new community.

River Community Church is committed to working with the local community through local schools, local partners and local people for the benefit of the local community. We hope and pray that our new church will be a church right in the heart of the Lawley community.

For now, follow the link to for more details about the Lawley development.

If you want to find out a bit about the Lawley area, why not visit the parish council website at


“an urban village where the residents can join in creating a genuine community.”

It is a new development of some 800 homes on the western fringe of Telford. It will have a village centre, a new primary school and a protected wildlife site.  The new school and community centre was opened in September 2010 and the community has been flourishing.

Check out the village blog by clicking on the image below.

The Oak Tree Centre offers an excellent range of meeting rooms to hire, state of the art IT facilities, outstanding sport facilities and high quality service at affordable prices. Check out what’s on and what’s on offer by clicking below.

Find out more about how Lightmoor village came into being by checking out the site below.

If you’d like more information about Lightmoor Village Primary School, click on the link below.

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