Planting something for the spring…

Today (Sunday 24 September) we are planting Daffodils around Lawley, come and join us!  Meeting at 2pm at Lawley Primary School with a spade/trowel/gloves if you have them, or just come along and invest in our community.  It was great to see what we had planted last year blooming in the springtime.  Back to the school afterwards for a warm drink and a chat.  All welcome. Daffs


What will you be doing Sunday afternoons?

It might have been a while since you last visited a church…why not give us a try?  It might be quite different to what you might think of.  We would love to see you at River Community Church, usually on Sundays at 3.30pm.

And…currently, River Community Church is going through a series all about a man called Nehemiah, and how his life touches/inspires ours.