Come be with us this Sunday afternoon!


Here is an invitation for you…come and be with us- as River church.  Come have fun, come and be valued, be listened to, come and learn alongside others, come and belong.  It might be quite different to what you think of as church.  We would love to meet you- come on Sunday at 3.30pm.  Come to the main door of Lawley Primary School.  Drop us a line if you want to double-check anything…

We take Safeguarding at River very seriously and, as part of Central Telford Parish, we have a parish policy and practice that is fully in line with both the Diocese of Lichfield and all legal requirements. Please click here to read our Safeguarding Policy and how to contact us with a concern or enquiry. 

Currently, River Community Church is in a series called ‘Talking Jesus’; sharing and opening our lives with others.